Payment & Posting

After we got your complete order, you should pay 40% over the total budget (deposit).

To whom that will receive the parcel through postage, you should settle all of your payment in 48 hours before we do the delivery.
After we got full payment, we will proceed to posting your parcel.

Payment details will be given through Facebook private message / personal email address / contact number.

No Backout once order has been confirmed. 
Sorry that i have to say this.


*Monday* - Latest payment advice via email to be 24 hours before posting on Monday.
*Thursday* - Latest payment advice via email 
to be 24 hours before posting on Thursday.

No posting on public holidays, if public holiday falls on posting day, the posting day will be cancelled and postponed to the next posting day. 

If you require your parcel tracking codes, please email directly to, we will send you your parcel tracking code via email within 24 hours or just text our official number.

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